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Don’t try to use DOC to heal someone who isn’t down.

It won’t work and you’ll waste a life-saving bullet. In dire circumstances, you can even use the stim pistol on yourself.

His stim pistol will allow him to quickly revive downed teammates from a distance, eliminating the treacherous revive time and the need to potentially run into the line of fire to aid someone.When in the right hands, Blitz makes for an excellent point man, as the blinding flash charges on his riot shield will leave enemies stunned and open to attack from anyone behind you.His shield also comes with a tinted window, which will come in handy should an enemy tosses a stun grenade your way.Glaz’s high-powered rifle makes him a force to be reckoned with, even indoors.We find he’s incredibly useful for the more open maps like Chalet, Kanal and Kafe Dostoyevsky, but had some troubles with the tight corridors, sharp corners and impenetrable windows of the Plane map.

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