Young dro dating

In case you forgot here’s the clip courtesy of the good people from The Shade Room: Are you following? This brings us to an interview Dro did with Streets 94.5 where he speaks on Stevie J and Joseline’s drama.

February 18, 2017: Stevie J and rapper Young Dro are beefing – and Stevie decided to EXPOSE Dro for his shenanigans.

Not only does she not love him anymore, but she’s good on her own.

So good that she announced a collab with Dro during the Okay.

The Navy vet has filed another claim and is waiting to hear a decision.It all started with Dro, who reportedly is set to release a new single with Joseline on it. So instead of siccing his LAWYERS on Dro, Stevie decided to TELL HIS BUSINESS.Stevie claims that Young Dro used to date a transgender in Atlanta.A case of missing evidence A story from the San Francisco ABC affiliate highlighted a case of a Navy veteran whose claim was initially denied.The veteran served in 1983 on a destroyer that saw battle off the coast of Lebanon.

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