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With respect to treatment, they had a stronger desire for phalloplasty [getting a penis]. Despite a less extreme cross-gendered childhood, the nonhomosexuals seemed to suffer no less from their situation than the homosexuals, while having an equally strong aversion to their sex characteristics when they applied for SR [sex reassignment surgery].

In the article "Transsexual subtypes: Clinical and theoretical significance", Yolanda L. As expected, the homosexual transsexuals' appearance already better matched the new, desired gender, and they functioned better psychologically than the nonhomosexual group.

Then there is the problem of identifying female to male crossdressers. She can even wear a suit like attire and look very business-like, yet feminine. All of this has led some to doubt the very existence of autoandrophilia.

Nowadays it is very easy for women to crossdress without being "outed". Apparently, we still are culturally inclined to believe that "fetishes" and "perversions" are limited to the XY part of the human race. A parallel phenomenon is found in the male idea that gay male sex is disturbing, while lesbian sex is OK."She enjoyed having sex as a woman with men but also particularly enjoyed living out her sexual fantasy of being male with a penis.

The Blanchard et al and Goozen et al studies do not tell us much about their erotic fantasies, though.

Smith & Co argue that there is little cross dressing going on, but in the few cases they found crossdressing is followed by erotic arousal.

women that get aroused by the idea of having a man's body or by acting like man. I would guess that crossdressing does not have the same symbolic value for F2Ms as it has for M2Fs, simply because women can dress up like men anytime and get away with it.This was generally played out with female sex workers who would be accommodating and compliant with the fantasy to her satisfaction.The only male she carried out this sex fantasy with was her husband Robert and at the time of penetrating him she said she clearly envisioned herself as a man with a penis, dominant, powerful and aggressive.Clair was quite clear that although she might run these fantasies in her mind they were just sexual fantasies.""During psychotherapy Suzie decided to split up with her boyfriend and leave her parents' home to try and explore who she was and what might be available to her from life in a wider world.

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