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Having working tirelessly on his recovery programme, he said the hip injury had not actually stopped him from doing anything on court, but he had still been in severe pain whenever he had to extend his hip fully.Although he admitted that he had been nervous going into the operation, he said that having the surgery was “the right decision to make”. I feel really, really good physically now apart from this one issue.“There is a difference between being a little bit sore after you play a match and actually being in pain when you are running or when you are walking. I can deal with my hip being sore after I play a five-set match but dealing with the pain in your day-to-day life just when you are walking around for four or five months at a time is different.

He has consulted O’Donnell regularly ever since first suffering hip trouble 10 years ago.

“I’m going to take my time to make sure that the rehab is done properly, and make sure that the surgery is as successful as it can be,” he said.

“I've been quoted times for how long it's taken for players to get back from the surgery I've had and have been told it’s up to 14 weeks.

I’ve been fairly competitive with top 50 players in the world in Brisbane when I’m struggling to move and I made the quarter-finals at Wimbledon when I literally couldn’t walk and was in so much pain.” Murray also revealed that he had had minor groin surgery before Christmas to deal with pain that he was suffering when serving.

He was told that he could be back on court within a few days and was able to play a practice set in Abu Dhabi on his way to Brisbane between Christmas and the new year.

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