Family guy dating game ice cream

Frankenstein, Igor, Indiana Jones, John Schnatter, Robert Baden-Powell Director: Mike Kim Assistant Director: Max Martinez Writers: Patrick Meighan Storyboarders: Dante Leandado, Michael Rundle, Debbie Shin Plot: When Carter buys the Pawtucket Brewery, he finds that becoming Peter's boss is an added perk and submits Peter to humiliating tasks.But when Peter overhears his plan to use toxic metals in the beer cans, he takes the story to Tricia Takanawa.The next day, Peter celebrates getting his fingers reattached by going to The Drunken Clam with Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire, and they decide to continue their celebrations at Pawtucket Brewery after the bar closes.

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The opening title sequence is different from many other episodes in that Peter trips during the theme song and injures a stage dancer (consequently puncturing her lung).Satisfied with having wrapped up her story, she leaves Carter.As he commiserates with Peter over ice cream, they hatch a plan to embarrass her at an awards dinner by spiking her drink, causing her to simultaneously vomit, orgasm and have diarrhea.Peter attaches ten M-80s together and shows Quagmire, but they explode, detaching all the fingers from his right hand.With Joe's help, Peter is able to find his fingers and later gets them reattached to his hand.

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