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In addition, you must provision your selected paging equipment for connection to the Shore Tel system.

From the Shore Tel side this should be as simple as bringing the 2 wire output from the Shore Gear paging output to the telephony input (T&R) of the paging amp.

Several types of manipulations have been employed, such as interrupted speech (Heinrich et al., 2008; Shahin et al., 2009), masking with noise (Davis and Johnsrude, 2003; Golestani et al., 2013), time-compression (Altmann and Young, 1993; Mehler et al., 1993; Dupoux and Green, 1997; Pallier et al., 1998; Sebastian-Galles et al., 2000), or noise-vocoding (Shannon et al., 1995).

Self-Amplified (24V) Systems Best fit for a small system with limited needs In this type of system, each speaker has a small amplifier (either built-in or attached) which, when provided with an audio input signal and 24V DC power, broadcasts sound.In this type of system, a central amplifier is used along with speakers and horns which have built-in transformers to match them to the 70V output of the central amplifier. When a station line is used for paging, the user simply dials the extension number connected to the Bogen TAM-B paging interface and the paging circuit.These 70V speakers can be tapped at different wattage levels providing more or less power to the speaker, allowing it to cover areas of low to high noise. The TAM-B recognizes the 90V ring signal, accepts the call and then completes the audio path to the paging system.We recorded EEG from 14 volunteers who listened to a series of noise vocoded (NV) and noise-vocoded spectrally-rotated (r NV) words, while they carried out a detection task. When cognition kicks in: working memory and speech understanding in noise. doi: 10.4103/1463-1741.70505 Pubmed Abstract | Pubmed Full Text | Cross Ref Full Text Rudner, M., Ronnberg, J., and Lunner, T. Working memory supports listening in noise for persons with hearing impairment. We specifically sought components of the EEG response that showed an interaction between spectral rotation and spectral degradation. doi: 10.1080/14992020802301167 Pubmed Abstract | Pubmed Full Text | Cross Ref Full Text Ronnberg, J., Rudner, M., Lunner, T., and Zekveld, A.

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