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ERROR=70 (Network user error) Opening Channel to PRO/5 Data Server on Unix00130: A Unix Data Server is being repeatedly killed by the operating system00722: Adding a second DNS or LMHOSTS Entry for resolving Host Name00275: Addressing performance problems with the TCP/IP Client and the Data Server00262: Cannot start the Data Server due to a 'gethostbyname failure'00924: parameters for Pro5 Data Server connecting to BBj Data Server00623: Data Server keeps files open after client abruptly shuts down00984: Enhancing Your Data Server Configuration 01240: Error 12 TCB(10)=13 attempting to open file via Pro5 Data Server00720: Error 2140: An internal Windows NT error occured when starting the PRO/5 NT Data Server as a service00264: Error binding stream socket: address already in use, when using the Data Server00520: Guidelines for configuring the NT Data Server00266: How much memory does the Unix Data Server use?

00642: How to perform an SCALL to a Data Server that calls a UNIX Script00713: Mapped drive performance is slow for more than one user00678: NT Data Server no longer has issues with DHCP as of version 2.000949: PRO/5 Data Server for NT and Visual PRO/5 performance information00426: READ. 1.0500707: Release Notes for Data Server NT REV 2.0200712: Release Notes Rev 2.03 Data Server00763: Rev 2.20 PRO5 Data Server when invoking states Field Test00589: TCB(10)=-10061 or RUSEROK Failure in Data Server Log00340: Tests for troubleshooting the Novell Data Server00705: UNIX Data Server speed is really slow with reads/writes or large records, but very fast when dealing with smaller records00590: Winsock error 10044, ESOCKTNOSUPPORT issued when starting the PRO/5 NT Data Server -1004400259: Opening a file via the Data Server under Unix results in an Error 0, TCB(10)=-11500492: Error 12 when trying to OPEN a file via the Data Server00543: SNMP. NLM causing Novell Data Server to fail with an Error 1200748: Error 18 or 13 when trying to erase, create or write to file via Data Server under NT.00586: ERROR=151 accessing Data Server00910: Error 33 opening a file via the Novell Data Server00180: Error 60, TCB(10)=-161, opening a file via the Data Server00078: Error 60, TCB(10)=1, when opening a file via the Data Server00490: Error 69 when accessing Data Server with the Visual PRO/5 Client00265: Error 70 when trying to open a file via the Data Server00557: Error 72, TCB(10)=-10054, error getting packet size (Winsock error 10038)00260: How to solve an error 72, gethostbyaddr failure00897: Error 8 connecting to PRO/5 Data Server (also seen as fserr=9)00433: Error 8, accessing file via Data Server00442: 'DPMI failed to enter protected mode' when compiling a TAOS procedure00453: _doesn't print compressed00528: Compiled TAOS form is named with two extensions00535: Compiling a TAOS procedure larger than 64kb receives "fatal error--out of program buffer space--use -m switch"00443: How to brand the Taos Compiler executable by hand00440: In Taos, a header displays on the screen as well as in a printout00437: Missing 'tc' with TAOS 1.3 on AIX00452: Notes regarding TAOS upgrade to rev 1.3100527: TAOS form and procedure size limits00743: Unable to Compile Taos Procedure00762: What are the and files under TAOS00173: BBX4CPL.

Error 46 when attempting to write to an MKEYED file00369: PRO/5 SELECT verb fails with an Error 4600478: Error 47 when viewing records in DDEDIT00479: Error 49 when running _DDEDIT00149: Error 60, TCB(10)=30209, 35327, 255, OPENing an nspool printer00537: Error=60, TCB(10)=-1, when OPENing a file on a DOS or Windows platform00813: Error 7's with PRO5 Rev 2.x and higher00109: File corruption under DOS, Windows, Novell00407: Error 77, SQLERR() function returns an empty string00570: ERROR=77 (SQL connect or execution failed).

Execute error: template/field error when executing an SQL Update00438: List of possible causes for an FSLOAD Error 1300472: FSLOAD error 17 after adding an alias to the file00006: fs load err=30 - PRO/5: unable to open channel 000723: Fsload error 34 when installing Pro5 under Unix00536: 'Semaphore Initialization Failure' when running a PRO/5 1.05 on Unix00152: FSLoad Error 70--too many users under Novell Net Ware00021: Solving an FSLoad Error 70 on Unix00135: The Bindery vs. ERROR=18 (Illegal operation or permission denied (tcb(10)=-5)) Attempting to Open a File Via the PRO/5 Data Server on Windows01224: !

" and other common questions regarding licenses.01227: BASIS auto registration process cannot connect to BASIS to get a new license.01147: Facetterm issue with tty's on Fedora Core 501215: FLEXlm -114 Unable to check out license after upgrading00283: How to add new users to an existing BBx license00960: How to find out your BASIS product Serial Number01204: How to obtain product licenses from two separate BASIS License Managers01184: How to request a Demo License00942: Must be in "Install Mode" error message01154: What BASIS products and operating systems cannot use the new composite hostid?

KB - Managing Notifications About Bug and Enhancement Changes KB - Unresponsive Thin Client KB - How Check BASIS Eclipse Plug-in Versions KB - BASIS Example Certificate Authority KB - Query Analysis Prevents BBj Services Starting KB - Collapsing Licenses Multihomed Windows System KB - Restrict Java Web Start Clients to Specific JVM Versions Voting in Bugzilla KB - Excessive BBj Logging on Last Day of the Year (December 31)KB - Jar Registration and Licensing KB - Auto Licensing Failed to Return a New License KB - What It Means That Java 8 Drops Support for ODBC Connections From Java (and thus BBj)KB - BASIS License Manager (BLM) 16 Installation Instructions KB - SCALL examples for VPRO/5 and BBj KB - BLM Log message - EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 37 KB - Using Modified Third Party Jars in BBj KB - Effective Problem Reports and Feature Requests KB - Creating Bugzilla Reports 00718: BASIC Web Utility returns an incomplete set of HTTP headers01124: BASIC Web utility Duplicate Name in String Template generating an error 1700702: Program to help see what the BASIC Web Utility Environment looks like00885: Troubleshooting Tips for the BASIC Web Utility (BWU)00901: BBj and BBj ODBC Driver gets "Required connection information missing.

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Our systematic and progressive approach utilizes the latest trends in online drivers ed. Our concurrent training outline is easy to follow and allows students to practice and retain what they have learned.EXE program changed for BASIS Windows-based revision 2.0 products00250: How to capture a printer port under older versions of Windows00358: How to capture a printer port under Windows NT, Win2000, XP, Vista00410: How to change the font with a sysplot device00062: How to determine the CPI and POINT size of the SYSPRINTer's font00353: How to determine the version of Windows 9500644: How to easily change the fonts for all controls in a GUI window00629: How to find out how a Windows machine's TCP/IP stack is configured00626: How to immediately view a report that has been printed to a file00627: How to prevent BBx for Novell from destroying an existing print capture00703: How to Print to a File Using Universal Naming Convention (UNC)00701: How to revert to the older, character based model of editing a line of Visual PRO/5 code.00559: How to set the icon for the Visual PRO/5 Window00927: How to use an ampersand within the text field of a button00167: How to use the 'FONT' mnemonic/mode in a program and in an alias line for a SYSPRINT device01026: Install Sheild error: Data Transfer Error 10601076: Instructions on running Vpro5 silent install00548: Is Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support under Visual PRO/5?00394: List of used by Visual PRO/5 under Windows 9500417: List of possible SYSWINDOW modes00182: Long startup times or invocation of TCP/IP Visual PRO/5 client dials CIS or PPP server00886: Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC00598: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-112, Disk Full00610: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-21, drive not ready00600: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-53, bad netpath00601: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-59, unexpected network error00787: Netware client GPF's when trying to check out a license under NOVELL 5.000513: Notes on PC-Anywhere remote printing and Visual PRO/500792: Novell BASIS.The program is available in multiple formats: text, interactive CD-Rom, or internet. (Texas students are eligible for their permit test after completing 6 hours of study).For your convenience, you only have to send in coursework at the completion of all seven levels.

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